Composites 101 Workshop


Join us, the Waterloo Submarine Racing Team, for an exclusive composites workshop hosted by Andy Phillips of Composite Creations. Andy’s entertaining approach to sharing his experience of over 18 years in the composites industry makes this interactive workshop a must-go for anyone interested in building a future in composites.

A pizza lunch will be served.

This workshop provides the base line you need to better understand the next series of workshops we will be offering in the coming weeks and months.

You will learn:

  • How to design and build parts with carbon fiber, and learn why carbon fiber may not be the best material for your part.
  • Which resins are better in various applications.
  • Overview of vacuum bagging, and how it can make your parts lighter or heavier.
  • To better understand the challenges involved in creating molds & laminate designs and accomplish successful composite parts.
  • How much resin your part needs.
  • Where and when to use gel-coat.
  • Why you need Kevlar in your parts.
  • How to create clear and flawless carbon fiber surfaces.

You will:

  • See and feel the materials.
  • See how molds are made.
  • See how pre-preg vs. resin infusion differ in process.
  • See three ways to vacuum bag your parts.
  • See and hear a few hundred tips and tricks to making awesome composite parts!

WatSub will be hosting office hours in E5-1003 to collect payments. Check out our Facebook Event for the most update to date hours!