UW’s Submarine racing team currently participates in two major competitions:

The International Submarine Race (ISR)hosted in Maryland, US during odd years. The pioneering submarine competition, with over 13th editions since 1989, this is where records are set and break. Over 21 teams participate in the ISR every edition. WatSub will first participate in ISR #14 in 2017.

ISR is hosted in the legendary David Taylor Model Basin (Read more here), one of the largest ship model basins, operated by the United States Navy. Read more here.

The European International Submarine Race (eISR), hosted in Gosport, UK during even years. A newer chapter on the submarine racing competitions, going for its 3rd edition in 2016.10 teams participate in the eISR every edition. WatSub will first participate in eISR 3rd in 2016.

Unlike the American competition (ISR), the “race track” consists of not only a straight, but also a series of turns -slalom- which add more to the challenge. Read more here.